The chat

2009-04-01 23:50:05 by sqrage

I think this Chinese crap is an excuse to beta test the chat...

Awesome songs by Opeth!!

2008-04-17 18:11:10 by sqrage

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Yup. Pwnage. :D


2008-03-31 18:22:16 by sqrage

Haven't made one of these in a while.

I dunno.

Yea!!! My whistle is back to normal. Gogogo!


2007-09-19 20:46:11 by sqrage

My whistle is garbage now.. :\

Screw you, angrey faic!

2007-08-05 09:40:32 by sqrage

So, I was listening to Lamb of God really loud and chatting, while Newgrounds was open and I accidentally left the courser on angry faic and he spazzed on me and the AIM window blocked it and for a second I was like "WTF IS THAT".

Yea... >;[


2007-08-04 15:44:47 by sqrage



2007-07-26 20:53:40 by sqrage

Lol, looks really boring from what I've seen on the webcam. It's mostly just tom standing around and talking to people who are probably shitting themselves to see him in person. much does it cost anyway? And I expected more people to be dressed up since it supposedly has a lot of anime-freaks and stuff.

Oh well, guess it's just not my kind of thing...



2007-07-17 21:43:21 by sqrage

Hello. :D

Comment for comment, lawlz.